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Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate Uses: Dozer Face, Coal Pulverizer Wear Liner, Coal Chute Liner

RPM overlay plate and wear liners are manufactured from our special MK chrome carbide material.  The chromium carbide wear surface is welded to a mild steel substrate.  Its primary purpose of the overlay is to protect the surface it is welded to from damaging wear and tear.  Common uses include:

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Chrome Carbode Overlay Plate in 5' x 10' sheets Why RPM Overlay Plate?
Discover why RPM Overlay Plate is the best value in the business.
Sample Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate Applications Sample Applications
Over the years, our MK chrome carbide overlay wear plate has been used in a lot of different ways.  The special properties of our overlay plate material creates a very smooth and abrasion resistant liner system to maximize material flow, prevent material hang-up, and provide a long service life.

Click to view some of the ways our customers have used our overlay plate.
Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate Specifications Abrasion/Hardness Specifications
Get specific information about hardness, composition and abrasion properties of of our MK chrome carbide hardface plate.
Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate Ording Information Ordering Information
Find out how to order plate.
 Etched Part # Our High Definition, 5 axis plasma cutter is used to etch the Part Number, Job Number and Date on every part for reference. If a piece is torn out or damaged, we can quickly manufacture that piece based on the number and installation drawings.

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About RPM and Associates

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