Core Values

RPM was founded on four basic principles: Safety, Quality, Production, and Profit. We embrace these core values in our employees, workplace culture, and customer relationships.


“Safety is our number one priority. There is no job we have ever done nor will we ever do that is worth someone getting hurt over. Quite frankly, as far as we are concerned, that job does not exist”

-Robert P Mudge President and Founder

Quality – “The best is barely good enough” RPM is focused on producing the best solution / product at the most cost-effective price for the customer

Production – RPM’s Team utilizes specialized equipment, automation & controls along with a professional work ethic

Profit – When the first three values of Safety, Quality, and Production are embraced, a reasonable profit follows


RPM & Associates provides the highest-quality manufactured solutions to valued power, mining, and other diverse customers, while striving to help them reduce their operational life-cycle costs. RPM’s most important resource, our innovative employees, have the opportunity for both personal and professional growth while ensuring RPM remains a world-class problem solver! For RPM, “Being the Best is Barely Good Enough!”

Company Timeline

April 1982

RPM & Associates, Inc. is founded

February 1986

Purchased First Automated Welding System

October 1986

Welded First Pulverizer Roll

January 1988

Manufactured First Portable Automated Welding System

February 1988

Welded First Coal Pulverizer Table On-site

October 1992

Began Welding Coal Transport Pipe Elbows and Fittings

January 1996

Manufactured Automated Welding System to Manufacture Overlay Plate

April 1996

RPM Solutions, Inc. was spun off to continue focus on Flue Gas Desulphurization Systems

March 2001

Teamed with SD School of Mines &Technology to investigate Laser Deposition Technology

June 2002

Moved into New 35,000 SQ FT Facility

August 2005

Began Reverse Engineering & Rebuilding Pulverizer Journal Assemblies

March 2011

Purchased a new 28,000lb capacity CNC Vertical Turret Lathe

December 2011

Started 15,000 SQ FT Building Expansion

January 2013

RPM Innovations, Inc. was spun off to continue development of Laser Deposition Technology

March 2015

Purchased a new 5 Axis High-Definition CNC Plasma Cutting System

April 2020

RPM’s ownership group expanded with the addition of 3 Employees

May 2020

Purchased a new 127” Long X 30” X 6000lb Capacity CNC Turning Center

December 2020

Installed new Automated Plate Welding System featuring Precision Integrated Controls for Position, Welding & Cooling

March 2021

Introduced RPM’s WEARx CC – Overlay Plate

RPM Thinks Green

Fume Generation

RPM’s primary focus is always on Safety. Hardface Welding Practices produce fumes containing hexavalent chromium. Regardless of whether RPM is welding at a customers site or in RPM’s facility, generated weld fume is captured by a collection and filtration system. The captured dust is then treated, thus converting the hexavalent chrome to a stable valence state. The converted dust is then properly disposed of in the local landfill or recycled, versus disposing at a hazardous waste facility.

Strategic Metal Conservation

RPM understands that Chromium is a National Strategic Metal that must be conserved, as US Chromium reserves are only 10-12% of annual consumption. The United States imports the remaining 88-90% from countries that are not political friends. RPM’s Steel Core Pulverizer Rolls requires less chrome to produce and rebuild. RPM’s engineered overlay provides extended wear life versus other types of rolls produced, resulting in less chrome emitted into customers combustion gases.

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In The Community

Free Wheelchair Mission

RPM & Associates teamed up with the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology to design, test, and manufacture a wheelchair durability testing track for the Free Wheelchair Mission. The Free Wheelchair Mission is a humanitarian, faith-based nonprofit organization that designs and manufactures cost-efficient, durable wheelchairs for developing countries around the world. Data acquired since 2019 has resulted in design changes that have increased the expected life of the wheelchair by over 20 times, with minimal additional cost. To view a video of the testing track in action Click Here.

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World Vision

RPM & Associates founders Rob & Deb Mudge are longtime supporters of World Vision. World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization helping children, families, and their communities overcome poverty and injustice.

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