WEARx Chrome Carbide

RPM’s WEARx products are the prescription for your wear related problems. WEARx CC is a premium grade of chromium carbide overlay wear plate manufactured by RPM & Associates. WEARx CC is specifically designed to withstand the highest levels of abrasive wear while maintaining excellent impact resistant properties. WEARx CC is manufactured from an ASTM A36 structural steel substrate overlayed with RPM’s engineered wear resistant chromium carbide overlay. RPM’s proprietary manufacturing process creates a premium product that offers the highest level of wear resistance, which reduces the overall cost of ownership.


  • Dozer Liners
  • Dragline Buckets
  • Wheel Loader Buckets
  • Dipper/ Shovel Buckets
  • Excavator Buckets
  • Haul Truck Beds
  • Grader Moldboards
  • Scraper Liners
  • Material Chutes & Hoppers
  • Crusher Components
  • Coal Handling Equipment
  • Journal Armor
  • Pulverizer Mills
  • Roll Wheel Shields
  • Fan Blades & Shrouds