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Why RPM overlay plate?

“Stringer” Bead Composition Determines Wear Resistance

The percentage of chromium carbide and the overall overlay composition determine a wear plate’s resistance to abrasion and impact. A common misconception is that material hardness determines resistance to abrasion; however, resistance to abrasion is determined first by the carbide structure of the material, then by hardness. RPM uses “stringer” bead rather than oscillated bead overlays to support the formation of carbides in the overlay — a process that helps to lengthen wear life and ensure consistency throughout the wear surface.

Customizable to Meet Your Needs

There are a wide variety of wear plates available and each performs well in specific wear environments. It’s important to understand your wear environment and the differences between materials before choosing your wear plate. All wear plate manufacturers should make material composition, hardness, tensile strength, and abrasion test data available to you prior to purchase. Generally speaking, carbon steels such as AR400 are well suited to high impact and moderate sliding-abrasion environments, whereas RPM overlay plate is well suited to extreme sliding abrasion and moderate-impact environments. However, RPM overlay plate is fully customizable to your needs:

Base Steel Thickness - Thin (lightweight) or Thick (longer wear life)

A thinner base steel can help shed weight without compromising resistance to abrasion, and is commonly used in loading applications such as dragline buckets; whereas, a thicker base material allows for a multiple-layer overlay that offers considerably longer wear life, and is commonly used on dozer faces.

Easily Formable and Low Coefficeint of Friction

Our plate is easily formable due to its mild steel base, and is easily welded without preheating. A cross-checked crack pattern on the wear surface relieves stresses and supports ductility—which is necessary when forming the plate to curved shapes. Due to its high percentage of chromium carbide, RPM wear plate has a very low coefficient of friction and will polish to a mirror finish; thus, increasing lubricity and ultimately, material flow—this is especially important in prevention of buildup in coal chutes and of carryback on dozer faces.

We Want to Solve Your Wear Problems!

RPM is committed to solving our customer's wear problems. Solving wear problems is our primary business. Let us know about your particular application. We will partner with you to find the right solution.
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About RPM & Associates

About RPM and Associates

RPM can overlay your mill tables on-site or in-house. Table segments and cast steel table replacements are also available.

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