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Sample Applications

Following is a list of some of the applications of our overlay and hardfacing technology.

Dozer Blade Liner Using RPM Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate Dozer Blade Liner
RPM's MK chrome carbide overlay makes excellent dozer blade liners. The hard, chromium carbide overlay polishes to a smooth surface that prevents material hang-up and allows material to be pushed faster than with other overlays.  The abrasion resistance ensures the blade has a long service life.

A dozer blade liner RPM installed in November, 1999 is still in operation today, more than ten years later, with over 61,000 hours of service! ... and is still going!

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Bucket Liner Dragline and Other Bucket Liners
RPM offers reduced-weight overlay wear plate for loading applications such as dragline buckets. A variety of overlay combinations are available in wear plate as thin as ¼ inch. Our “stringer” bead overlay supports a better carbide structure than oscillated beads, therefore increasing resistance to abrasion and lengthening service life. RPM can design and install your bucket or dragline liner system or build to your specifications for install in the field.

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Mill Wear Liner Mill and Journal Liners
RPM manufactures mill body liners, deflector liners, journal liners, etc. using our MK chrome carbide overlay plate.

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Coal Chute Liners Lined With Chromium Carbide Overlay Chute Liners
After identifying your wear zone and rebuilding your worn chute, RPM will then go in and line with the appropriate MK overlay plate.

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Mill Housings Lined with RPM Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate Mill Housings
RPM repairs mill housings.

Moldboard Liner Moldboard Liners
RPM manufactures wear liners for all types of moldboards. Each liner is custom-built for a perfect fit, and manufactured specific to your wear environment. RPM wear liners have a very low coefficient of friction that reduces stress on parts and provides a faster push without build-up of material. Each variety of chrome carbide wear liner offers extremely high resistance to abrasion and dramatically lengthens service life.

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About RPM and Associates

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