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New cast steel CE1043 table with RPM rebuilt rolls
New cast steel CE1043 table with RPM rebuilt rolls

Experience you can trust ... RPM has successfully rebuilt over 1600 pulverizer rolls and 275 tables on-site since 1986!!!

Our coal pulverizer maintenance program has the following goals.

  • Extend Wear Life of Components

  • Match Wear Life of Components

  • Reduce Overall Cost per Ton of Coal Processed

  • Maintain Roll/Table Profiles Longer. 
    This will improve mill and boiler efficiencies and minimize cost on future rebuilds.

  • Provide the ability to accurately monitor and evaluate rebuild programs by implementing RPM's "Pulverizer Wear Parts Monitoring Program"

Coal Pulverizer Components

RPM has experience rebuilding and repairing many key components of different types of coal pulverizer systems including CE, MPS, FW, B&W, or hammer mills ... and others. If you have a specific coal mill not listed above,Contact Us. We may already support your mill or we may be able to engineer a solution specific to your needs.

Some of our key areas of expertise with rebuilding and maintaining coal pulverizer systems are outlined below.

Coal Pulverizer Rolls Rolls
RPM can overlay your CE, MB, MPS, or HP rolls with a high chromium or tungsten carbide overlay. We also manufacture new cast steel core pulverizer rolls.
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Coal Pulverizer Journal Journals
RPM rebuilds journals to better-than-new quality with improved seal design with laser-cladded wear surfaces.
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Coal Pulverizer Table
Coal Pulverizer Table Made From Cast Steel Core
Whether it’s a table for CE (HP, RP, or RPS), Foster Wheeler (MB or MBF), or a BW (MPS), RPM can overlay it with a high chromium carbide overlay in our shop or at your facility. RPM has also provided new cast steel tables.
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Coal Pulverizer Wear Liner Wear Liners
RPM manufactures mill body liners, deflector liners, journal liners, etc. using our MK chrome carbide overlay plate.
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